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Welcome! We like to think of this blog as the extraordinary adventures of an average family.

From the Beginning

As a child, when I saw an airplane in the sky I would stop and daydream about who was on it and the exciting destination they were headed. Day-dreaming about travel as a child turned into a love of travel as an adult and I wasn’t ready to let go of my travel bug when baby fever set in.

Thankfully, a chance conversation with a family traveling on maternity leave gave us the courage we needed to take that first trip with our baby. Since we survived that first trip, we tried it again, and again, and we kept surviving and watched as our little man thrived on our adventures. Baby #2 didn’t slow us down (much anyway) and we kept racking up the airline miles.

Meet Our Family

We are an average Midwestern family with a toddler (Miss H) and a preschooler (Mr. O), a couple of dogs, and a flock of backyard chickens. My background is in healthcare and my husband is a natural resources ecologist turned farmer.

Although working full time with overnight call shifts, weekends, and holidays isn’t what I consider a family-friendly schedule, the flexibility allows us the opportunity to travel without draining my PTO account. We enjoy many types of travel, from beach destinations to historic sites in Europe, camping trips and visits to national parks.

Why a Blog?

After traveling to four countries and over 10 states with our children, we’ve learned a couple of things along the way. From our very first trip as a family, I learned that there are two types of people you meet when traveling with children: the people who think you are a genius and the people who think you are completely off your rocker.

Now, I may be a bit stubborn, so it’s no surprise that a motivating factor for starting Meandering Little Feet was as a rebuttal to those who said we were crazy. Because the truth is, you can travel with little ones.

Happy Adventures!